DIY Hair Color

Can DIY Hair Color Look as Good as a Salon Job?

With most DIY hair color products on the market, the end results don't come close to what you'd get if you went to a salon. They may not cover gray, can end up a very different color from what's shown on the box, or worst of all, look like you used shoe polish as a dye. However, there is one exception: the custom kits sold by My Salon in a Box.

The key difference between these custom kits and other DIY options is that they are prepared just for you. You have a consultation with an actual professional colorist, who then selects the products that will work best with your hair type, its current color, and the look you want to achieve. Then, the products are assembled into a kit and sent to your door. This lets you get true DIY professional hair color at home.

In this case, the "professional" refers to the actual professional that you work with, instead of just being part of a brand name. Therefore, you can rest assured that your results will be better than what you'd get from a box of dye sold in a drug store.

This DIY hair color covers gray 100 percent, but it's not just for making yourself look younger. If you want a whole new look, you can get that as well. Often, users combine both goals for a new and youthful effect.

There is no need to physically see the professional to get DIY professional hair color at home. Instead, you just email or call My Salon in a Box. Everything is done remotely, so you get ultimate convenience as well as a more affordable alternative to a salon visit.



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