Frequently asked questions

Where do I find timesheets?

Timesheets are located on the Employee Center page of our website. You have easy and quick access, 24 hours a day, to timecards and all our forms.

How do I get timesheets to GrapeTree?

Timesheets can be submitted via the WorkForce Portal.

When do timesheets have to be submitted?

Timesheets need to be submitted in your Workforce Portal each week by 8 a.m. on Sunday if you wish to be paid Friday (for the previous workweek of Sunday-Saturday). We recommend that you submit your timesheets immediately after your shift. There may be a delay in your payment if timesheets are not submitted by the deadline, and may also result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

What if I work at different facilities during the same week? Can I use the same timesheet for all of them?

Unfortunately, in order for us to keep reports clear for the facilities, we do require that you use separate timesheets for each facility you work at.

Do I have to use a GrapeTree timesheet? What if I forgot to bring a timesheet with me to the facility?

All of your shifts worked must be submitted on a GrapeTree timesheet. Handwritten or non-GrapeTree timesheets will not be accepted. If you forgot to bring a timesheet to the facility, you may download one from our Employee Center if the facility has computer access. If the facility does not have computer access, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with the facility to get a GrapeTree timesheet completed in order for you to be paid.

What if I can't get my timesheet uploaded in the Workforce Portal?

If you are having issues uploading your timesheet and have tried all options, you can email your timesheet to our Payroll Department: payroll@grapetree.com. Please do not send your timesheet to processing@grapetree.com as it will reject your timesheet.

What if I didn't take a break/lunch during my shift?

You must have the facility initial the "no break exception" line on your timesheet. If the facility does not initial this part on your timesheet, the break/lunch will be deducted.

What if I turn in my timesheet after the deadline?

If you turn in your timesheet after the deadline (8am on Sunday), your compensation will be delayed until the following pay period.

What if my shift starts one day and ends the next? How do I record that on my timesheet?

If you work a shift that begins one day and ends the next, record all times for that shift in the column the day the shift started.

What happens if I calculate my total hours worked wrong and write it incorrectly on my timesheet?

As long as your shift start and end times, as well as if you took a break, are written correctly on the timesheet, it's okay if the total hours is miscalculated. Our system will recalculate the hours when we review your timesheet.

I can't upload my timesheet to the Workforce Portal because the shift is not on my calendar.

Please contact your Staffing Specialist so that he/she can add the shift to your calendar.



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