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Interest in Home Hair Coloring Kits Soars

With lockdowns still affecting many parts of the United States, interest in home hair coloring kits has soared. However, the kits sold in grocery stores almost always fail to provide the results the new customers are interested in getting. Those who are just now turning to home hair coloring are used to getting their hair dyed in salons, and the store-bought kits just can't compare.

One of the main reasons salon hair coloring turns out better is that it is personally selected by the colorist to meet the needs of each client's hair. Store kits, on the other hand, only come in a limited number of versions. This makes it so that while store kits can produce "okay" results for many people, they rarely deliver stunning outcomes. Some don't even make it to the "okay" level.

The way to avoid this problem is to get personalized hair dye online. This isn't a prepackaged kit. Instead, these home hair coloring kits are put together after a remote consultation with a real professional hair colorist, who then selects each component of the kit. With this process, everyone gets a kit that is specifically selected for them, rather than just one of a few preset possibilities.

These kits also do their best to overcome the other factor that usually divides salon results from home ones: expertise. The kits have very specific instructions, and all of the components are pre-measured. Because of this, there is almost no learning curve when getting personalized hair dye online.

If your hair needs its coloring renewed and your salon is still closed, give this new system a try. You may never go back to your salon even after it opens!



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