Professional At Home Hair Coloring

How to Get Professional at Home Hair Coloring

People have technically been able to color their hair at home for decades, but most have also found that they can't match the results of a salon. This is partly because the at-home hair coloring that is sold in grocery and drug stores is not tailored for each user. Instead, it uses fairly generic formulas that are meant to work passably for large swaths of people. Meanwhile, if you go to a professional, the stylist will tailor everything for your hair. Then, the right color can truly be dialed in.

My Salon in a Box has found a way to bridge this gap. You get products that are safe to use at home, but only after a consultation with a professional colorist. This consultation allows the company to send the perfect ammonia free hair colors right to your door. Everything is pre-measured, so it is as goof-proof as possible.

This line of professional at home hair coloring has many benefits. It has a rich texture for easy application, is mild on the scalp, and provides 100 percent gray coverage. Full instructions are provided, so there is no guesswork.

The consultation is one of the most important parts of getting great results from this professional at home hair coloring system. In fact, it is where the "professional" comes in! This is what lets you get results that aren't just "passable," but are actually great. No supermarket brand can match My Salon in a Box since those brands leave you to guess which one might give you results that are acceptable to you.

Getting started with this new line of ammonia free hair colors is easy. Just visit the My Salon in a Box site and click "start consultation."



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