Professional Box Hair Color

Is There Really Such a Thing as Professional Box Hair Color?

In the DIY hair coloring industry, it is very common to make the word "professional" part of the brand name. Unfortunately, words that are actual names of products don't have to mean anything, at least not in the legal sense. Therefore, manufacturers often put them in even though hardly any actual professionals would ever use the products. Pros also aren't the ones applying them. In short, there's nothing professional about most "professional" hair care products you can find in grocery stores.

Recently, a new company has emerged to change this. It adds the professional in a very unique way: by having customers get a consultation with their actual, professional hair colorist. Then, the results of this consultation are used to assemble an organic hair coloring kit that is tailor-made for each customer. This gives a professional direct involvement in the creation of the kit.

While this still doesn't involve having the pro actually use the products, it does put one right into the product selection process. Therefore, this company's kits are far more likely to produce salon-level results than anything in the grocery or drug store.

In the consultation, the pro will ask about your hair, its current condition, and its current color. Then, you'll get a chance to explain exactly what you want the organic hair coloring kit to accomplish. If you're just looking to cover a few grays, you'll get a different set of products than you would if you want to radically change its color.

With this system, you can finally get true professional box hair color. It will give you much better results than the many older products that claim to be "professional" but have nothing to do with actual pros.



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